Top 5 Domain Name Registration Companies in Nigeria

Top 5 Best Domain Registrar in Nigeria

domain name registrarKey features

  • Domain can be transferred at will
  • Flexible pricing
  • Domain transfer support
  • Domain lock: this will prevent unauthorized transfers of your domain to another registrar or web host
  • Free domain ( ccTLD e.g, when you buy with a web hosting package

1. WhoGoHost

whogohost logoWhoGoHost is one of the best domain registrar in Nigeria. A pioneer and leading .NG and Nigeria ccTLD domains registrar.

Their site is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, especially on their domain management pages, which can be incredibly helpful.

They offer reasonable priced domains, and have extensive library of domain extensions.

They offer free DNS service and free SSL encryption, for those looking to beef up the security of their domains.

If you run into any issues getting your domain setup, they have a ton of easy to follow Knowledgebase, online chat support, phone and video tutorial.

Want to know more about WhoGoHost Web Hosting, check this: WhoGoHost review

2. Qservers

Qservers logoQservers is one of the best domain name registration company in Nigeria and a great place to register domains.

No matter where you’re at on your online journey, Qservers has something for you.

They are one of the most low-priced domain registrar in Nigeria with extensive domain extension, TLDs, ccTLDs and gTLDs

If you decide to register a domain with a web hosing package, then you’ll be automatically entitle to free 1-year domain name.

Want to know more about Qservers Web Hosting, check this: Qservers review

3. HostNowNow

hostnownow logoHostNowNow is another leading domain registrar and a hosting company.

They are one of the biggest domain name registration company in Nigeria and they also sell a lot of other services to support your website and much more.

It’s very easy to register a domain with them and the process of setting up your domain names is also quite simple and their backend is quite nice to use as well.

Overall, HostNowNow do offer stellar phone support, if you’re one of those people who would rather speak to a person, than email. And their chat support is simply okay

Want to know more about HostNowNow Web Hosting, check this: HostNowNow review

4. DomainKing

domainking logoJust as the name suggests, DomainKing is one of the best domain registrar in Nigeria. Also an accredited .NG and ccTLD domain registrar.

The company has been providing popular TLDs at cost-effective price along with unparalleled services one needs alongside domain registration.

With DomainKing.NG you can get everything you need to start your next big website or blog. From cheap web hosting to SSL Certificates for security, etc.

They are indeed reliable and worth given a try when it comes to domain hosting

Want to know more about DomainKing Web Hosting, check this: DomainKing review

5. Garanntor

Garanntor LogoGaranntor is full fledged hosting provider and domain name registration company in Nigeria. Also an accredited .NG domain registrar.

As a true domain provider, they offer quite large domain extensions including general TLDs, ccTLDs and gTLDs with even a brainstoming suggestion option to help you in your domain search.

Garanntor offers brandable and attractive domain names at the cost-effective price for the aspiring businesses. Not just that, they also offer various web hosting packages that will help you get started online fast.

Want to know more about Garanntor Web hosting, check this Garanntor review

What is a Domain Name

A Domain Name, also called website address is the “street” address of your “house”, aka website. It’s the name people type in the browser to open a certain website in other words, it’s where Internet users can access your website. For example, domain name for Facebook is It’s the name by which your website will be known online and the way people can find it.

Getting the right domain name is very important. Just like the name of your business is one of the most recognizable parts of your brand identity in the real world, your domain name will be one of the most important parts of your online identity. It is the first thing that your customers will type in their browser to get to your website or discover it through search engines such as Google or Bing.

Different Types Of Domains

There are basically three major different types of domain name: the Top Level Domains, The country code Top Level Domains and generic Top Level Domains.

  1. TLDs (Top Level Domains) these can be registered by anybody, anywhere in the world and they are the most common domain extensions. Examples are: .com, .net, and .org
  2. ccTLD ( country code Top Level Domains): Two letter domains established for geographical locations; for example; .ng signifies Nigeria.

When originally designated, usually only residents of a country could register their corresponding ccTLD; but over the years quite a few countries have allowed parties outside their shores to register website names.

  1. gTLD (generic Top Level Domains): Common examples are .online; .review; .social, etc

These can as well be registered by anyone, anywhere in the world, however, some of the new gTLD’s more recently released have various restrictions.

You might also notice some websites have prefix ‘www’ and you might wonder if your website needs one. The prefix is simply a personal choice and it won’t make any difference if your website has one or not. You can select your preference when installing your software to build the website.

Note: If you choose to go with some free hosting or try one of the hosted website solutions very often you will see your website name will be in this form – This means that you don’t have a unique name for your website; rather it’s located under a subdomain of the hosted solution provider. You let somebody else own your name and keeping your website name in this form doesn’t look very professional.

Why Is A Domain Name Important For Your Business?

Perhaps the most crucial step in the website-building process is choosing the perfect domain name.

All of the most popular websites on the Internet (Facebook, Amazon, Jumia, etc.) all came from a brainstorming session and a roll of the dice. Who knows, your website could be the next game-changing site on the entire net; however, you first need a name.

1. A domain name adds credibility to your small business.

Having your own domain name makes your company look professional. If you publish your site through an ISP or a free Web hosting site, you’ll end up with a URL such as This generic address does not inspire confidence in a customer like a domain name does. And since many people don’t yet trust the Internet and e-commerce especially in a country like Nigeria, you’ll want to do what you can to prove that your small business deserves their money.

2. A domain name builds your brand.

Your domain name will define your brand for years to come. More than anything else, a domain name can increase awareness of your brand. If your domain name matches your company name, it reinforces your brand, making it easier for customers to remember and return. It will also be easier to win business via word of mouth because customers will remember your name and pass it along to friends.

3. Improve Your SEO Ranking

If you have developed websites before, you know that SEO is one of the most critical aspects of managing a site. It determines how high your website ranks in search engine results which can ultimately decide your traffic. Choosing a solid domain name is an excellent way to boost your SEO along with other approaches thereby making your online visibility and exposure more prominent.

Tips On How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Business

There is no magic formula or secret to choosing the best domain name, and many times, the best domain names are picked just by chance. That being said, here are the things you should consider during your brainstorming sessions to choose the best domain name for your website.

1. Find a “.com” if Possible

While there are many unique domain name extensions available such as “.me” or “.social,” nothing quite beats the recognition and tradition behind “.com.” In fact, over 46% of all the websites on the Internet are “.com” which makes your website seem more traditional and professional.

Because they are so popular, “.com” are registered fast than other extensions. If you can’t afford a “.com” or if someone already owns it you can purchase a “.org” “.net” or “.co” or even .ng

If you are doing business in Nigeria and have no plans to reach international visitors, you can go with a country-specific extension such as “” or simply“.ng” which shows pride in your country of operation.

What usually i do when brainstorming a domain name is to go to Namemesh and type in my brand name or keyword and search for available domain, then go ahead to my favorite domain registrar to register it.

2. Keep it Short and Sweet

Short names are easy to remember while longer ones will never really stick in your visitors’ minds.

The only downside is that many of the short, one-name words have been taken already. 

There is hope! If your brand has a unique, super-meta name, then the domain may still be available. If not, you can search for your brand name with ccTLD or gTLD. This days, there lots one word of .ng domains

You can as well insert an adjective or verb in front of your prospective domain name and check to see if it is available or you can go back to the drawing board and come up with something unique that fits your brand’s image and how you would like to be perceived by potential customers. Or better still, use my domain brainstorming strategy as stated above 

3. What Appears When You Google Your Brand?

Do a Google search for your brand! You need to know what kind of resources are ranking for your chosen name.

If you’re going to be competing with many powerful domains, you might struggle to even rank for your own name. Make sure you pick something which is unique and easy to rank for.

4. Account for Unavoidable Typos

People will undoubtedly make a typo when searching for your website; it’s just a part of life. To overcome this, I recommend you register multiple spelling variations if possible, with each variation forwarding to your official site.

Also, registering these spelling variations will keep your competitors from snagging them up and using your misspelled domain name to their advantage. Get the web traffic you deserve and be sure to scoop up these variations.

5. Don’t Use Numbers

Another attempt to avoid customer confusion, if you use numbers in your domain name, visitors may forget whether your site was “” or “” Your domain name should be super simple.

6. Check for Trademarks

Before you go steaming in with your card details to buy your dream domain, make sure the name is not already trademarked.

You should also look at trademarking the name yourself to avoid potential copyright problems in the future.

By trademarking your brand name, you can also stop competitors using that name on their AdWords campaigns, for example.

7. Don’t Hesitate

If you come up with a name that is perfect, don’t hesitate to register it if you can afford it. Domain names are being registered and claimed every single second and the ideal name available today may be gone tomorrow.

How to Choose Best Domain Registrar

To put it simply a Domain Registrar is domain name registration company or a service that lets you register and purchase domain names.

Domain name registrars have been accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which is a non-profit who has been delegated the responsibility to manage the Domain Name System.

Without the domain name system all we would have is confusing and hard-to-remember IP addresses, instead of the easy to use and remember domain names we have today.

Most domain name registrars companies in Nigeria today make it dead simple to purchase and renew your domain names; still you need to choose wisely, as each register has their associated positives and negatives. Below we’ll show you what you need to look out for when choosing the right domain name registrar for you.

  1. Domain Transfers

You probably won’t want to transfer your domain right away (if you’ve done your research), but it is something that might arise in the future. Domain transferring is the process of moving your domain from one registrar to another.

Make sure you check the transfer details in your policy. In most cases, you won’t be able to transfer a domain for 60 days following your registration. Some domain name registrars don’t allow for transfers, or they’ll even charge you a fee.

On the other hand, some registrars allow for easy transfer of your domain, all without an additional charge.

  1. Contract and Pricing

This is probably your most immediate focus. When looking through various domain name registrars you’ll come across a variety of pricing options. For starters, you can usually register your domain for a period of one or two years. In some cases you can do it even longer.

If this is your first time registering a domain then we usually recommend just registering a domain name for a year. You can usually turn on automatic renewal, so your domain doesn’t expire, and this will give you the freedom to switch registrars if needed.

Make sure you examine any associated costs in dealing with domain transfers, cost of renewal, and any additional fees they might tack on.

  1. Customer Support

You’ll want their support staff to be on your side. You’d hate to be scrambling to get in touch with support when something goes wrong with your site. You want to make sure their support is responsive and helpful well before you actually need it.

When examining the different levels of support you can either read reviews or put in a support request and see how quickly they handle your question.

  1. Additional Services

A lot of registrars will offer additional web services well beyond just allowing you to register a domain name. If you’re looking to host your domain names, build your site out, and purchase other certificates, then a lot of domain name registrars can help you do this as well.

  1. Domain Expiry Reminder

Sometimes you might forget to renew your domain name, or your debit/credit card on file might expire. This leads to your domain expiring and it being opened up for other people to purchase. Sometimes your domain can be purchased by another competitor in your space, or it could be purchased completely accidentally.

Whatever the reason, now the domain is no longer in your possession, which means the future of your site, and your business is in jeopardy.

Now, a lot of domain registrars offer a service that holds onto the domain for you for a certain period of time to prevent this from happening. At the very least the registrar you choose should send out reminders that your domain is expiring, before it actually occurs.

This can be a real headache if their domain management systems are hard to use. If this is your first time purchasing a domain, then choose a domain registrar that is user friendly and can remind you of expiry time.

Now that you know what to keep an eye out for, we’re going to give you a virtual tour of some of the top domain name registration companies in Nigeria. Simply click here or scroll to the top

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