HostNowNow Review

HostNowNow Review


Server Uptime


Technical Support


Customer Service & Billing


Network Speed





  • 99.9% server uptime
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free migration & upgrade
  • Variety of payment options including Bitcoin
  • Scalable to fit your need


  • Hidden fee when it comes to backups
  • No Support for Reseller Hosting

What is HostNowNow

HostNowNow is an award-winning & established web hosting, domain registrar and server management company that has constantly been a pace setter in providing affordable, innovative solutions targeted at low-income individuals, IT entrepreneurs, SMEs, Public Sector and Multinationals.

Founded in 2015 by Ayodeji Niyi-Adesola & Emmanuel Olorunsheyi and ever since, HostNowNow has grown to become one of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria.

This Hostnownow review is to ensure whether or not HostNownow is good for you as against the traditional believe that Nigeria web host are bad.

We are therefore, going to be testing it against speed, server uptime, customer support and a host of other features.

HostNowNow Review: Pros & Cons

As is the case with all of our web hosting reviews, we are committed to providing you with the most unbiased and transparent information on the web and we rely heavily on statistically relevant data and quantifiable metrics to determine the quality of a web host, same is applied to this HostNowNow review

Below are the pros & cons:

Pros of HostNowNow

There are quite some reasons why HostNowNow is gaining ground. Today, is one of the top 5 hosting providers in Nigeria.

Here are the “Pros” of  hosting with Hostnownow

Although, there are many choices when it comes to picking a web hosting provider. However, when you add up all the facts, the choice becomes clear.

  1. 99.9% Server Uptime 

Web Hosting are important, but nothing is of greater importance than your web host providing basic network reliability. Claims of 99.9% uptime are all well and good but only the select few can back up their promises with actual data..

HostNowNow is proud of their network integrity and list it as one of their key features.

No longer do webmasters need to worry about losing business because their site is down. In fact, downtime is one of the most prevalent reasons why some site owners shift from one web host to another.

Independent testing on a site hosted by HostNowNow revealed only one minutes of total downtime over a 2 weeks period.

A webmaster will always find any amount of downtime unpalatable but 1 minutes in 2 weeks is not bad.

Given that performance is a key factor in the choice of a web hosting provider, we decided to undertake some performance testing as well..

We tested the page load time of  a HostNowNow powered website and the result was quite impressive.

The homepage loaded in 3.1 seconds which is slightly below industry standard speed of 3s, fair enough but poor when compare to some other web hosting companies have reviewed.

While speed was slightly below industry standard, the server uptime has remain at an incredible pace of 99.97% which is even above the industry standard of 99.94%

  1. Affordability Pricing

Affordability is most certainly true when it comes to HostNowNow’s pricing plans.

They provide one of the most cheapest web hosting solutions in Nigeria with pricing starting at N2,500/yr without renewal price increase.

Whilst their LARVA HOSTING package(N2,500/yr) doesn’t offer many features, if you’re looking to host a blog or a small website, then you can’t go wrong with their ROBIN HOSTING package (N5,000/yr) and above offers.  Lots of features are offered here.

Hostnownow Shared Hosting Pricing

  1. Easy to Use

HostNowNow is simple to use and very beginner friendly.

All HostNowNow web hosting packages comes with a dedicated cPanel

The cPanel interface is just simple as web hosting can get. All you’ve got to do is click on the icons and get to work, thereby making it easy to build your website at ease.

With HostNowNow’s simple cPanel interface, you can access all of your websites and email addresses from one place.

You can also change the theme of the cPanel to fit your specific needs so that you can quickly reach the features you need the most.

And one key important feature that also comes with HostnowNow cPanel is the 1-Click Script Installation for many programs like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

  1. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

HostNowNow offers a 30-day money back guarantee, allowing you to take their services for a spin before committing your hard-earned cash.

But only first-time accounts are eligible for a refund under the 30 day money back guarantee and 7 days for other returning clients.

Note: refunds are not offered for accounts that are suspended or terminated for violating their terms of service.

  1. 24/7 Customer Support

HostNowNow provide telephone and live chat support and technical support via their help desk @

The supporters at the telephone and live chat are not tech savvy, in my opinion contacting the technical support via their help desk has been proven to be more effective incase you need tech support.

  1. Free Site Migrations

HostNowNow is a reliable web hosting when it comes to site migration.

One of the coolest thing here is that, site migration are carried out free. Just contact their support and they will be glad to transfer your existing website for free

HostNowNow also offer free domain transfer as well as upgrades at no cost.

There site migration also comes with some quarantee, no downtime.

To this effect, i upgrated one of my website that is hosted with them, to my very surprise, i witness no down time throughout the process.

  • 7. Free .ng domain and SSL

HostNowNow shared hosting packages comes with free,, or domains.

But to enjoy it, you have to place domain and hosting together.

HostNowNow also offer free SSL certificate along with its shared hosting plans.

The fact that major search engines consider it as a ranking factor makes it even more important. If your website is not using SSL or the https symbol as shown above, most of these search engines will throws warning messages to your potential customers/clients


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Cons of HostNowNow

The essence of this HostNowNow review is not only to pinpoint the pros alone but to include the cons so you know the unpleasant you may encounter which in my opinion are minor compare to some web hosting out there.

  1. Their Customer Support is FAST but Could be More Knowledgeable

Although HostNowNow has seen an astronomical improvement in its customer support response rate in recent months, the quality of their customer support is still lagging behind its contemporaries.

While the customer support team can now handle inquiries with lightning-fast speed, I found that some of the more technical questions eluded support representatives and required multiple inquiries to resolve.

  1. No Support For Reseller Hosting

Resellers are responsible for supporting their own customers. HostNowNow does not provide support to its resellers’ customers.

  1. No Backup

Backups are performed on servers that house shared and reseller packages only, no backups perform for virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server packages, unless you specifically purchase an additional service for this purpose.

Backup services provided by HostNowNow, whether paid or not, are offered with no warranty or guarantee of their date, accuracy, and integrity.

  • 4. Limited Bandwidth & Space

HostNowNow hosting packages comes with limited bandwidth and space. You will need to either upgrade or your site simply become unreachable when you exhaust your allocated resources.

Bandwidth are allocated monthly, unused bandwidth allocated for the month can’t be transfer to another month.

It is therefore advisable, if you are just starting out online, i will encourage you to pick their Robin Plan and higher to get started, the allocated resources should be enough for a relative small website however, as the need for bandwidth and space increase, you can easily upgrade to either a higher plan or to other hosting package like Cloud or server hosting, upgrade is free.

HostNowNow Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

Free Domain: Free domains are only limited to Shared web hosting and they only offer free Nigeria country code top-level domains (ccTLD), &

Payment Methods: Online Payment with Major credit cards, Cash Deposit/Bank Transfer, USSD Transfer, Bitcoin

Hidden Clauses: If you reach the allocated bandwidth and storage space, you will be prompt to upgrade.

Upsells: Some Upsells. But it’s common in the web hosting industry, so don’t worry about it.

Account Activation: Most users enjoy instant activation upon payment. If the information is inaccurate or there’s suspicion of fraud, activation might get delayed or account terminated.

Control Panel and Dashboard Experience: Simple and easy-to-use control panel.

Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) quick and easy!

HostNowNow Web Hosting Packages

Inorder to satisfying its clients pricing needs, HostNowNow roll out many hosting packages depending on your need, budget and application, they have different hosting services to cater for their clients both small and big.

HostNowNow Shared Hosting

What more excite me about HostNowNow is that, they have an interesting mix of services on offer, inshort, a good array of service packages that caters for any website, but they really make their name by being ultra competitive in the budget shared hosting plans.

Six Shared hosting services are on offer here – Larva (N2,500/yr), Butterfly(N3,500/yr), Robin(N5,000/yr), Pigeon(N6,500/yr), Flamingo(N8,500/yr) and Eagle (N12,000/yr) – in order of the comprehensiveness of the service options and support provision.

The major difference in the web hosting packages is in the allocated storage space and bandwidth, others are: number of addon domains, sub-domainss and free domain name.

Hostnownow Shared Hosting Pricing

Recently in the Shared hosting package, they are are offering a hosting plan called Limitless Hosting, you get Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited SQL Database

Though how limited is the unlimited, notwithstanding, is better than all of the Shared Hosting plans.

HostNowNow Limitless Hosting in my opinion is the best if you want to go online with HostNowNow in the Shared plan. It is more economical in the long run.

HostNowNow Reseller Hosting

HostNowNow Web Hosting Reseller packages is a great way for you to earn money on the side, or even become your own full-time web hosting company. Acquire your own hosting clients, or if you’re a web designer you can use a reseller plan to add value for your existing and future customers, with N10,000 you can get started.

Their packages start from N10,000 and above, the major difference is in the allocated storage space and bandwidth.

One of the cool feature of HostNowNow reseller hosting is the fact that you enjoy technical support if you not tech savvy.

 HostNowNow Cloud Hosting

HostNowNow, offers Cloud hosting within your budget along with the best features at affordable price. The Pricing depends on your RAM and Storage need, usually with N2,400/month, you can get started.

HostNowNow Server Hosting

Dedicated server is a type of physical server that can be used by only one user.

According to a recent survey on hosting services it was revealed that a dedicated server is the finest hosting arrangement for every business organization and website but is expensive.

As you are not sharing the server with anyone, your website remains in its safe zone, completely unaffected by the other websites.

While VPS (or also referred as Virtual Private Server) hosting is a platform where user is provided with all the services as in dedicated server with minimum cost.

Hostnownow offer both Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated hosting at cheaper rate with VPS Hosting Plans starting at N5,000/month and Dedicated Servers starting at 35,000/month.

Usually the need for Dedicated server or VPS arises when your website resources needs increases, like increase in traffic, hosting of high demand application, need for more security, etc


HostNowNow offer a lot of tools, features and things to help improve your hosting experience for the money. They are truly one of the most affordable web hosts around, with good uptime results and affordable pricing.

The bottom line of this HostNowNow review, if you’re looking for a decent budget web host, or are just starting out, then you can’t go wrong with HostNowNow.

If your website’s needs increase over time, you can easily upgrade your pricing plan to a more advanced package, still keeping within a reasonable budget with all the tools you need to help your personal website or business grow.


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